How do we keep up with the appetites of hungry teenagers?

They are so busy but when they stop to eat, it is out of control! Every family knows the challenge of keeping enough food in the house for their active teenagers. To make it even tougher- we need to be sure to give them nutrient dense foods that help their bodies thrive.

I love burritos for my son and his friends.

We make our own refried beans by soaking beans in the crock pot over night, changing the water at least once.  Soaking any seeds or legumes helps rid them of physic acid and enzyme inhibitors- it also activates some of the great nutrients in the beans. If you don’t want to soak  there is a source for canned, pre-soaked, and pre-cooked beans. Eden Organics provides a wide variety of soaked beans in BPA-free cans. Then grinding the beans in food processor, heat with spices (cumin, chili, salt…) on the stove for 20 minutes and get ready to load them into tortillas with raw organic cheese, salsa and avocado.  Wrap this up for your hungry kids, seal with foil and off they go.  Now you know they will be satisfied, and nourished.  Phew- you have a few more hours to plan the next meal 🙂

The burrito in the picture is a bit more involved- this breakfast burrito gets them off on great start.   It is a coconut wrap overflowing with cage free organic eggs, cheddar and jack cheese, avocado and them for some additional sources of nutrient dense fuel there are black beans and shaved sweet potatoes.  Yum!!!