What is a Team Talk Like?

People have been asking me what it is like to attend a Team Talk on nutrition.   It’s an informative blast of course. It is life changing — because that’s how meaningful information works 🙂

My goal is to teach all attendees something about nutrition that is of importance to them. That’s the key, right there.  Information is easy to come by.  If it was just about getting information we’d all be wealthy, have a six pack and live to be 100 happy years old.  It’s not just about information.  Rather it is about getting the right information to each person at the right time for each person, so every individual is informed and inspired to make change that is appropriate for them.

How do I do this?  

Well, I teach a lot of information about how the body works and how we fuel it to work for us.  I like to learn what people think about for nutrition and what they think I’m going to say.  This teaches me a bit about where the audience is.  We go from there.
We always do some icebreaker activities.  Humans are social /emotional beings and we learn best when we are emotionally engaged.  I don’t mean being overcome with emotion, but being connected and engaged with what is going on.  Once the audience is ‘in’ and each person has a chance to think about what is in it for them, we get into the meat of the talk.

We will discuss macronutrients, physiology, timing, and practical application of these ideas.  We will do some activities to become more aware of food properties and options for fueling. We all love samples!  We will get to sample some new foods that will inspire the audience to fuel differently.  Then the fun comes, we set goals and create plans to achieve them.   Sound real? Yes, we take the excitement and energy from this talk to allow each individual to create and action item and plan for execution.   This is a fun, informative talk that really does take the audience to a new level.

Oh yah, I like to debunk myths and answer questions too.  

Unfortunately, there are billions of dollars at stake in the health industry.  Most of the information flowing in through popular media is not exactly right for my audience.  We need to challenge what we see with the facts we know from science AND how it works for each of us unique individuals.  I help my audience wade through all of this information and create achievable plans to fuel for performance.

I also like to offer resources so the girls can maintain and build on the platform of sound, holistic knowledge that we just created.

I continue to hear from adults that the kids who attend these talk continue to share information they have learned from months post the talk.    Here is a quote from a recent email I received: “I wanted to let you know that ‘Susie’ (name has been changed) really listened to your talk! We went for a run yesterday & afterwards she told me she needed to eat protein within 20 minutes. I asked her why & she gave me a pretty good briefing of what you spoke about.”

Give it a try and you will not be disappointed.  


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