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Hi!  It’s been a long time since I have appeared in your in box. I promised not to clutter it and I keep my promises.

Nevertheless, if you have been following my Instagram you have been getting some great recipes and nutrition information to keep you fueling for performance.  If not- time to follow!

I have a few exciting things brewing so I figured it was time for an update.

First  📣 shout out to Girls on the Run of San Diego for the amazing support they give to their coaches and youth runners. These coaches are trained and supported so they can be the best for the runners in their programs. Impressive! Recently, they have added a nutrition element to the program here in SD so these coaches and runners are properly fueled, mind and body. Oh yah- yours truly is writing the program, complete with solid fueling information and nutrition challenges for the coaches and runners alike. Thank you GOTR for the opportunity and I applaud your hard work and the excellence you are committed to!!

Second, want to hear some recorded content?  Great information on your time:

🌟 On February 16th my colleague Amy and I hosted an online (zoom) workshop entitled:  The Five Positions of a Resilient Dancer.

You may have seen some Instagram posts about it. This online workshop presented the foundations of nutrition and wellness to keep dancers fueled and on point(e)! However, the content is applicable to all athletes.  So, I’m sending you a link to access the recording at a discounted price.  This workshop will be a great reminder of some things we have discussed, as well as some new information on resiliency.

🎤here’s a link to the latest podcast I was on with my colleague Amy Beyond the Pointe  with Allie Christensen.

Third, Team Talks continue. Team Talks provide team bonding, create a culture of fueling for performance, and empower your athletes to take their game to the next level with a healthy mind-set around fueling.   It’s  win-win-win for parents, coaches and athletes alike.    

Finally, everyone is encouraged to follow my Instagram for RECIPES and updated nutrition information helping you fuel for performance.

Nutrition seems simple when you scroll through social media, but putting those ideas into practice gets tricky.

Getting the right information and ideas personalized for you and your athlete will make it feasible to implement so there is not questions of how and when to fuel.

If you want support to make sure your athlete is fueling for performance and not leaving potential in the kitchen, reach out for a free 15 minute consultation!

See you soon!



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