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Performance Based Nutrition
My Nutritional Therapy and Bio-Individual Testing programs help you improve your performance and quality of life.

I was invited to do a podcast with a local athlete. My piece is about 5min and I start around minute 8:20 talking about meal planning for athletes.  

The theme this episode is planning. Roderick Sewell was born without the use of his legs and after a double amputation above the knee, he and his mother could have never imagined plans could be made to one day race in Kona. They struggled together. His mother gave up her work and they moved in to a shelter so that Roderick could have prosthetics (something isn’t right with that scenario!)

In the end, Roderick took all he learned from his mother, his perseverance, and his competitive spirit, to become, in 2019, the first double, above the knee amputee to finish Kona. The first. Amazing!

Whole Body Health

We will address the physiological foundations of your health acknowledging the interconnectedness of each bio-individual system, including digestion, adrenal functioning, blood sugar, immunology, and others.
Nutritional Therapy
I will use a variety of tools and functional assessment techniques to discover what is inhibiting your body’s performance and remedy the health of an optimally functioning system.
Clean Eating
I empower you to make informed decisions about sourcing and preparing nutrient dense food so you can implement what works best for your bio-individual needs.

Corporate Engagement

Providing talks and guest speaking events to your business or corporate setting.  Learn how my interactive and informative discussions can effect your healthy eating habits.  Discover strategies to improve health and feel better.

Lisa Spencer
Nutritional Therapist and Bio-Individual Testing

“One of my greatest joys is to see people get healthier, to help them exceed their expectations and actualize their goals. All while realizing that nutrition is individual”.

My goal is to maximize the power of the athlete body- to be healthy and work optimally. I believe it is much easier to be healthy through nutrition when you understand how food works in your own unique body, and what your body needs.

I believe nutrition should be accessible to everyone, everywhere, regardless of income level or cooking knowledge.
Simple recipes
Diverse and nutritious
Easy prep
Customizeable and high-level

The Functional Evaluation

A unique piece to the comprehensive nutritional assessment.

The Functional Evaluation is the clinical practice I use to assess where there are nutritional deficits or stressors within the body leading to symptoms. I then use a systematic approach to determine how to support the integrated systems within the body to maximize health.

Performance-based Nutrition Programs for Athletes.
“The way Lisa explained how food works in my body and the tools she gave me really helped me change my daily eating habits.”
Professional Massage Therapist
“Working with Lisa is much more than a fitness evaluation. Her extensive knowledge and experience in nutrition, sport, and healthy living gives her clients confidence and inspiration, improved vitality and strength.”
Pamela Redela
“Lisa is incredibly knowledgable, has a great bedside manner and I feel so safe in her hands!  I have always felt supported and yet given direct and kind advice to keep me and my family on track with our nutrition and overall wellness.
Amy S.
Nutritional Therapist
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