Bio-Individual Functional Nutrition

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My goal is to maximize the power and potential of the athlete’s body to be healthy and work optimally.

Training can never overcome poor nutrition…. And let’s take the guess-work out of nutrition.
It is easier to be healthy through nutrition when one understands how food works in one’s own unique body and what one’s body needs.

My approach is comprehensive – With your performance and nutrition goals in mind I look at what you are eating, how you feel and how your body is functioning. With the next step we take our understanding how to improve health and performance for you as a unique individual even deeper. With a clinical approach involving the Functional Evaluation and lingual-neural testing we will determine exactly how to support your body’s bio-individual nutritional needs.

No more guess-work; we will determine what foods and supplements will support optimal functioning for your bio-individual self.

The full evaluation is a 3-step process consisting of:

  • Initial questionnaire
  • 3-day nutrition tracking
  • Online symptoms survey
  • Functional Evaluation

The Functional Evaluation

The Functional Evaluation is the process I use to understand where there are nutritional deficits or stressors that might be leading to symptoms.

During the Functional Evaluation I will test reflex points throughout the body that correspond to different systems in the body.  If we find an area in need of support we will do some lingual-neuro testing with supplements (or food) to see what the body needs in order to repair itself or work more effectively.  We can also investigate food sensitivities and intolerances if that is a concern.

With all of this information I will make suggestions about foods, eating habits and a meal plan.   I will also develop a protocol for any supplements that seem to be effective in supporting a client’s system based on the bio-individual assessment.   The goal will be to educate and create something that each client can implement given his current lifestyle and goals.


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