What is your weak link holding you back from your goals?

Now that is a brutal title, but we all know it’s true – right.  Our bodies and minds are amazing at compensating but our weakest element is really what holds us back.

We can think of this in the big picture. For example, a swimmer can train lap after lap, increase her strength and arm cadence and she can improve.  But  in a 100m race, she needs to also be able to have an efficient turn.  If her pace is top 5% but her turn is only average, she will not win the race.  Her turn, her weakness, must improve before she can make substantial change in her finishing time.

Now let’s look at a physiological example: After a person has knee surgery they must do physical therapy to regain the strength and flexibility of all their leg muscles.  If they don’t, their other leg will take the load. Their ‘good’ leg, hip and lower back will all start to adjust and compensate for the weakness in the surgery leg. We compensate and sometimes we don’t even know that we are.

My pilates instructor found a weak link in my physiology last month.  It was a striking limitation! After I laughed at myself for not being able to activate a muscle I realized the impact of that weak link.  I see the burden it caused on one leg, my hips and spine, while I was compensating for it.  Now I need to work on that muscle so I can bring the rest of my body into balance.  Thanks Jen Bellenger @ Pillar Performance!!  Without you thinking to explore this I would forever have that weakness.

At our organ level, the same thing is happening.  Our bodies have weak links and imbalances and the body is very good at compensating for these issues.  We use extra energy, or burden other systems so we can function. Unfortunately, we cannot be our healthiest or meet our full potential until we find these imbalances and support them.  In a functional evaluation with me we find imbalances and system burdens.   No exercise involved, we find the nutrients to support the body so that your body can function optimally.

Our true strength comes when everything is functioning properly.

If you need structural balance go see Jennifer Bellenger :  jenniferbellenger@gmail.com

If you need internal systems balance, come see me!  We will discover what is holding you back from achieving your goals!